Overcoming Temptation

May 17, 2009 by: Brian Bolton| Series: Living Red | Category: Spiritual Warfare
Scripture: Matthew 4:1–4:11

As we look in the New Testament we discover what Jesus teaches us about living our lives upon Him as our rock.  Our firm foundation. 

Today, I want to jump right in to something that Jesus dealt with and we can learn from how he handled life situations, an example of how we build our foundation upon Jesus as our rock.

Turn to Matthew chapter 4.

In Matthew 4 we have one of the greatest exchanges ever recorded.

  • It was a classic battle between the devil and the Messiah.
  • Jesus had just come from one of the high points in his lifetime.
  • He had been baptized, and at His baptism His Heavenly Father had declared His Love for Jesus and Jesus had been anointed by the Spirit of God.
  • Often wonderful spiritual experiences are followed by times of tremendous temptation.

Have you ever noticed that Sunday mornings and afternoons can be times of great temptation and attack.

  • The devil lies to us and tries to deceive us into staying away from church
  • When we do go to church he tries to distract us
  • When we leave church arguments can occur in the family
  • You have a great quiet time and then you go to your office and the boss jumps on you before you get to the door.

Satan tends to come after us just after one of those great times with God.  He’s doing the same thing to Jesus in this passage.

He is addressed by several names in this passage:

  • Devil
  • Satan
  • Tempter.
  • He is the deceiver, the slanderer and the father of lies. He will accuse you and condemn you and cause all manners of doubts and anxieties in your life. And he most often comes to us when we are vulnerable. 
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