Backpack Program

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What is the Backpack Program?
The Backpack Program is designed to supplement children's nutritional needs on the weekend. The students are able to receive breakfast and lunch while attending school but this does not extend to the weekends or holidays when school is not in session. Various churches and organizations can support a school by donating food weekly. The Family Resource Coordinator for the school delivers the food to the child's teacher who then discreetly puts the food in the child's backpack. The food items are individual portions that the child can easily open and eat by him/herself. The items do not require refrigeration or cooking. 

Why the Need For the Backpack Program?
Hunger is a serious problem in the Bluegrass. The funding for food stamps and other assistance programs has been cut and many people are having a harder time supporting their families. Often times, people must choose between rent, utilities, medications or food. Also, more and more grandparents are having to raise and support their grandchildren without much financial support. The backpack program is a way to help families that may need additional help feeding their children. It is designed to supplement their dietary needs.

What Food Can Be Donated?
Donated food items must be very specific. The food items sent home with the child must be shelf stable (non-refrigerated) items that are individual portions that the child can easily open and eat by him/herself. This allows the child to eat the food if a parent or guardian is at work, etc. We also ask that the items have an expiraiton date of at least six months from current date.

The items that CenterPointe provides to the Sandersville students are:
2 shelf stable 8oz milk boxes, 2 individual cereals, 2 fruit cups, 1 pudding cup, 1 juice box, 1 protein (i.e. Chef Boyardee microwavable cups), and 2 snack items (i.e. granola bars, peanut butter & crackers). Click here to view these items. 

How Many Families Are Being Fed Through the Program?
CenterPointe is currently feeding 23 children at Sandersville each week. As the family Resource Coordinator identifies more students that could benefit from the program, she contacts us to add more weekly bags. Unfortunately, finding the students that need help can be difficult. Many parents are not aware of the program being offered at Sandersville Elementary. It is up to the teachers and staff to identify those they think are in need.

If you or someone you know are in need of assistance, you can contact your local school's family resource coordinator for help.

How Can I Give to the Program?
Your support of the Backpack Program would be greatly appreciated. Here is how you can give to this need.

  • Buy the food and drop it off at CenterPointe, Monday - Thursday from 8am-2pm. Download this document for a list of food items.
  • All donations go 100% to the backpack program and are tax deductible.
  • Make a check out to CenterPointe Christian Church and mail it to us at 865 Greendale Road, Lexington, KY 40511. In the memo line write "Backpack Program".

We are thankful for your help as we strive to help the children of Sandersville Elementary School.

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