CP Groups @ CenterPointe

Groups at CenterPointe are intentional gatherings throughout the community.
They exist to provide an environment where people take steps in their faith and
foster Christian relationships with others who desire to grow with God.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are striving to fulfill the scriptural call to
"meet together" as instructed in Acts and Hebrews. However, our Groups
Ministry is going to look a little different for this Fall season of groups.

Where will groups meet?
Each group leader has decided on their desire to meet from three options. You will see the choices listed below.

  • Mainly Zoom
  • Hybrid - Some Zoom & Some In-Person
  • In-Person - At a home, Restaurant, the church building

What group option do we offer?
We have three types of groups from which you can choose. Find a group and time of your liking and use the links below to sign up.

Growth Groups
Growth Groups study sermon-based material, serve in the community, and have fun living life together. The goal of a Growth Group is to help you connect with others while walking together on the journey of life, centering our lives on Jesus. 

  • Sunday @ 6pm, Zoom with Brian & Briana Bolton Sign Up Here
  • Sunday @ 6pm, Zoom with Jeremy & Erin Bodager Sign Up Here
  • Tuesday @ 6:30pm Zoom with Lane & Becky Hassloch Sign Up Here
  • Wednesday @ 6:30pm In-Person with Greg & Julie Mateyoke Sign Up Here

Men & Women's Bible Engagement Groups
These are small groups by gender. Groups of ladies or men gather in groups around 4-8 people over Zoom for 45-60 minutes weekly. They will follow a YouVersion Bible reading plan together. They will follow the plan on their own and meet weekly to discuss the plan and how they are doing at developing the habit of engaging with the Bible daily. The two primary goals of these groups are to build friendships while encouraging each other to create a personal daily time in God's Word.

Women's Bible Engagement Groups

  • Tuesday @ 6am, Zoom with Laura Stamper, Sarah Webster Sign Up Here
  • Tuesday @ 8pm, Zoom with Vicky Johnson, Britney Howard Sign Up Here
  • Saturday @ 9am, Zoom with Briana Bolton, Linda White Sign Up Here

Men's Bible Engagement Groups

Study Groups
Study Groups help group members study a specific area of interest, assisting group members in growing in God's Word about a particular topic. The topics of these groups will change each semester. (Please Note: If you have an idea for a topic or would like to facilitate a study group with a specific topic in the future, we would love to talk with you about your idea.)

Building Our Foundations of Faith - Join Steve DeVries as he guides group members to learn: (1) How the Bible is put together, (2) How to study the Bible, and (3) How to think with God on any subject.

This group meets in-person on Sunday @ 12:30pm at CenterPointe in the Community Room. Sign Up Here.

CP Group FAQ

  • When does registration begin? Sign-ups for our Fall groups start Sunday, September 6. 

  • When do groups begin meeting? Groups will have their first gathering the week of September 20. After signing up, your group leader will reach out to you with more information. 

  • How long is the Fall Semester? The fall semester runs from September 20 - December 5. Groups will decide their final date once they begin meeting. Most groups will meet for about 10 weeks during this timeframe.
  • How do I join a group? Find the group you are interested in attending. Click on "Sign Up Here" and fill out the requested information. The group leader will be in contact with you after you sign up.
  • Is childcare provided for in-person groups? Every group is different. Since most groups are meeting on Zoom this semester, we believe this will not be an issue. However, if you want to attend an in-person group, your group will discuss prior to starting your first gathering.

  • Who do I contact if I have more questions? Please contact Brian Bolton or Kelly Hughes, either of them would be glad to help you get connected to a CP Group.




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