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Jesus, In All of Life (a study through Colossians)

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The world has all kinds of ideas about how to live life – Family, Marriage, Friends, Work, Hobbies, Health, Parents, Kids, Brother, Sister, Finances, Neighbors – which philosophy really works?

Over 2,000 years ago, the church at Colossae faced similar challenges to our culture of today. A great missionary, by the name of Paul, wrote a letter to the church at Colossae detailing the only way we can live complete lives - JESUS. What can we learn from this ancient church?

Some claim the book of Colossians, in the Bible, is the most profound letter from the missionary Paul. In this short letter, we will learn what it means to allow Christ to be Lord in all things. Join us on the journey as we learn how to be guided by JESUS in ALL of LIFE.









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