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Join us in 2020 - Feb 8, May 9, Aug 15, Nov 21. 

Do you want a better marriage?
Do you want to grow in the enjoyment of one another?
Do you want to protect your marriage?
Do you want to launch your marriage out of a stagnant pattern into a growth pattern?
Do you want to get on the same page as your spouse so you can be more efficient?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, join a Grace Marriage coaching group!

Marriage Coaching is... intentional, strategic and proactive approach.
...a time to establish and pursue goals together.
...a wellness, protection and growth model.
...a chance to re-focus on positives and create a refreshing atmosphere. opportunity to address issues in a safe place.

- Six hours once every 90 days (4 times per year)
- Groups of 8 - 12 couples
- Led by a trained facilitator
- Tuition includes snacks, coffee, lunch and marriage workbooks

Use Biblical grace-based materials to spark creative thought.
Think, pray and apply principles to your marriage & family.
Talk with your spouse, plan, schedule and grow together.
Establish goals & proactively work toward them.
Share and receive insights with and from other couples.

Marriage Coaching is not - Marriage counseling, a seminar or conference, a traditional small group, or a place where you will be forced to share your deepest secrets!

Your marriage is secure when it is based on the foundation of the grace of Christ.
You are refreshed by the love and grace of God instead of beat up for your deficiencies.

When you both live according to grace and not your performance, you can identify issues and grow with no condemnation.

Marriage coaching is a positive approach focused on the proactive pursuit of your spouse as you extend grace to them.

For information on a scholarship or to donate money to help a couple attend Grace Marriage, contact Sarah Brown.




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