"In Lexington, in 1831 (one year before the Stone-Campbell union), nine Christians, pleading for the "faith once delivered to the Saints" began Sunday meetings in their homes. This effort became the Main Street Church (Campbell debate 1843), first Restoration Movement response in the city of Lexington. The current Broadway Christian Church (1870) traces its lineage there. Broadway's church-planting zeal was in evidence early when, in 1888, the Chestnut Street Church (Castlewood and Victory) was planted. John T. Brown was prophetic when he wrote, in 1904, "Broadway church is united and zealous, and, under the blessing of God, expects to be a greater power in the Kingdom of God than she has ever been" (Churches of Christ, p.364). The "rest of the story" on the Broadway church seed-sowing is Maxwell Street (Gardenside), Woodland, First Christian, West End, Maryland Avenue (Northern Heights/Northeast), High Street (Tates Creek), Hill'n Dale; and via Hill'n Dale, Southland; and via Southland, Southern Acres. Add to this, on the part of many of the above churches, the establishment of the Bluegrass Christian Men's Fellowship, and the "beat goes on!"

The Bluegrass Christian Men's Fellowship publishes an impressive list of churches which it has started or assisted from the 1950's through the 1990's. They are: Northside, Georgetown; Capital City, Frankfort; Bedford Acres, Paris; Central, Cynthiana; Woodford, Versailles; Calvary, Winchester; Crossroads, Lexington; Gateway, Mt. Sterling; Southside, Harrodsburg; Russell Cave, Lexington; Jessamine, Nicholasville; Victory, Lancaster, and the "beat goes on!"" - (The Movement Continues, by Sherwood Evans)

And the beat does move on with CenterPointe Christian Church. This newest church of the Bluegrass Christian Men's Fellowship was first dreamed of around 1999. The men began looking for land on the growing Northwest side of Lexington to purchase before the developers bought up all the potential property. After much prayer and searching 18 acres of land was secured and purchased.

With land in hand and a vision to move forward the men's fellowship began looking for their church planter with a dream to do something "bigger than we've ever done before". After a year long search the fellowship called Brian & Briana Bolton to lead in this "High Impact" church plant. The Bolton's came on the field as of January 1, 2004 with plans to launch the new church in the fall of 2004.

CenterPointe Christian Church launched on November 7, 2004 and now the "beat goes on!" with a fresh zeal to impact the greater Lexington community, Kentucky, and beyond.


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