Kids, Raise Them Right

Aug 24, 2008 by: Brian Bolton| Series: About Kids | Category: Parenting
Scripture: Genesis 22:1–22:13

Have you ever given your children back to God?

Some of you are thinking, "I'd like to give them back-but I didn't think God would take them back. I thought He had a ‘no return' policy on kids! Besides, I lost the receipt!"

The truth is, there is not a parent who hasn't had a few moments or days when they wouldn't have liked to package up that kid and take him/her back to God's customer service counter and demand, "I want my money back!"

Did you hear about the mother of 3 children? Her son came to his mom and asked, "Mom, what would you like for your birthday this year?" She said, "I would like 3 well-behaved children!" the boy said, "Then there would be six of us!"

I'm not suggesting you return your kids to God and try to get your money back, when I ask you if you have ever given your children back to God.

What I am asking is, have you ever really . . .

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