Secret Weapon

Nov 30, 2008 by: Brian Bolton| Series: Unseen Battle | Category: Prayer
Scripture: Ephesians 6:18–6:20

I've heard that many years ago, when the staff of a mental hospital wanted to evaluate patients for possible release, one of the tests they gave was to take the patient to a janitor's closet.

  • There the patient found the water running and overflowing the sink because the sink had been plugged up.
  • The person was given a mop and told to clean up the mess.
  • The staff wanted to see whether the patient would simply try to mop up the overflowing water, or deal with the root problem by turning off the faucet.
  • The patient's response told the staff whether the person was dealing with reality or not and therefore was or was not ready to be released.

Anyone who is in touch with reality knows that you can't mop up a mess when the source of the mess hasn't been dealt with.

What I've been trying to do in this series is put you in touch with the reality of spiritual warfare.

  • My purpose is that you won't waste your time trying to mop up your circumstances, when God has given you all the spiritual authority you need to address the root cause of the circumstances.
  • If you want to change the fruit, you must first address the root.
  • I want to help you quit simply mopping up the overflow - I want to show you how to turn off the faucet and start getting things cleaned up.

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