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Right NOW, in these uncertain times, we must make every effort to stay connected and growing in our walk with Christ. This page is what’s happening NOW at CenterPointe to help you stay connected to Christ and His Church.

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Drive Thru Prayer & Communion
is happening in our church parking lot from 9:00am to 11am. Participate in DTP and/or take communion while staying in your car. This is a great opportunity to get out of the house and connect with some of your community.

Worship Gatherings take place each Sunday via Facebook Live at 11:00am. Go to facebook.com/centerpointecc to worship with us live each week.

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Midweek update, devotion, and prayer. Check out this week's update. 

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Family Ministries

Bible Engagement for Elementary | Upside Down Jesus Changes Everything
This series will encourage parents and children to use the chance we have every day to put someone else first and flip their day upside down. After all, Jesus turned everything upside down. He can help us choose humility and give up what we think we deserve.
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Bible Engagement for Teens | ALPHA Bible Series
ALPHA is a conversation about Faith that's happening around the world.  During this time parents are encouraged to engage with their teens as you watch the ALPHA videos online and follow the video prompts for discussion. 
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