Worship Band

The worship team provides leadership in the corporate music and worship ministry of the church. Worship team members, whether vocalists or instrumentalists, are considered the lead worshippers, seeking to connect unbelievers to Christ and believers into a deeper relationship with Jesus.

To be part of the worship team you must have a passion for seeing people connect to God through the overall worhip ministry at CenterPoine. Worship team members must be committed to spend time in prayer regarding the ministry, must be committed to attend rehearshals and services consistently and on time. Vocalists must be able to sing different, non-melody parts by ear. Must be able to learn songs by listening to CD's and reading choral charts.

There are not a set number of people required for this ministry; band members serve on a rotating schedule at least twice a month. 

For more information on the worship team contact Briana Bolton.

Worship Tech

The worship tech team is looking for anyone who is willing to serve. The desire to learn, have fun and be creative is a plus! Those persons who have the spiritual gift of service and administration would be a good fit for this team. 

The worship tech team provides technology support for the Worship services and other ministry events. They may run the sound system and help the band setup equipment, or run the computer or projection screens and control worship lighting. By serving in this capacity you would enable participants in the worship service to hear and see all the elements of worship without distractions.

You would be required to serve one time per month on Thursday evening approximately 6:00pm to 8:00pm, and the following Sunday morning between 8:00am - 12:30pm. You may choose to serve more often.

Contact Billy Thacker if interested in serving on the worship tech team.

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